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XDF (Xtreme Defence Force) has been operational for over 17 years, starting in 2003 playing Operation Flashpoint. It was formed by ex Australian Defense Force personnel, using tactics that were developed in the Malay, Borneo and Vietnam war era by the Australian Army, with varying levels of success. Some of the current XDF members are ex-Australian Army and founding members who keep the tactics and way of playing alive.

XDF plays in small teams (4 to 6 man) in a realistic fashion, primarily in jungle environments with the Vietnam era being the primary focus.

The foundational role of the teams is in infantry/reconnaissance, but many other roles suitable for a small team or a combined force of small teams are also taken on. A typical example is a campaign being run over several weeks. Initially, small teams will be set out in reconnaissance type roles to locate enemy positions, supply routes, numbers, disposition etc. Once an intelligence picture has been formed a combined force can be used to take on large numbers of enemy.

Outside of game time, XDF does not have a leader or leaders, it functions on a voting system, there are no parades, ranks, saluting and no one to call Sir (it’s bad enough doing it for real, why simulate it!) however, certain members hold administration roles in order to keep XDF running. In game, there are always certain people in charge; for the sake of organisation and cohesion, XDF organises itself into teams with designated positions, and from time to time these teams and the members within will be shuffled around, including the leadership roles.

Interested in Joining XDF
In XDF, we don't like politics or bad attitudes. We don't care what colour your skin is, if you come from another country, or if you have an accent. To be a member of XDF the most important thing is that you "fit into the group" as a mate (friend). Your age is not as important as your level of maturity, ability to respect others and to be able to follow instructions when it counts (in game).

You must also be able to show a reasonable amount of attendance. If you can't make it to an organised event, then let us know so that we can adjust our planning. Life does get in the way and that's okay, it happens to all of us, just communicate with us.

If you are interested in joining XDF, then simply say hello in discord and tell us that you are interested in joining. One of the XDF members will then direct you in how to join us for a game. Join us for a couple of games and if you are still interested then let us know and we will start the joining process.

If you decide to join then we will put you through the infantry introduction course, which is run over one night. You will then be placed into a team that will run its own advanced training from time to time, which will build your knowledge and skills.

Everyone who joins XDF goes on a three-month trial, this is for the benefit of both parties. If the current XDF members decide that you do not fit in to the group, or if you decide that you don't like us and/or what we do, then we go our separate ways. At the end of the three-month trial, whether you stay or not is put to a vote to keep it fair. For most people this is just a formality, but occasionally some people are refused membership or decide that they don't want to join. 
If at any point you decide that you do not want to join XDF then just let us know.

XDF plays every Sunday night starting at 1900 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) for 2 or 3 hours. 
If you are interested in joining XDF, then contact us on  Discord

XDF Media
The XDF Squad Youtube Channel
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